The Mega Team

The Mega Tribe
When one gives consideration to carrying the torch of an event of this magnitude with the desire to honor those who “gave birth” to it, you call upon your “tribe”. Each taking a little piece according to their skillset and talents, they lend a helping hand, provide support and have the strength and fortitude to stand together to undertake such a mighty endeavor and continue to produce one of the best, first-of-its-kind, celebrations of Women’s History Month. The entire MEGA tribe agreed, “We’re with you!” And so I said, “It’s ON!” Thank you to the “tribe”!

And thank you to YOU for being a part of this historic event!


Shonna Jordan
“The Maestro Behind the Mega”

Shonna is the President of Jordan & Jordan® Marketing, a North County San Diego-based agency providing marketing education and training, expert marketing materials development and marketing campaign strategy and implementation to business owners, entrepreneurs and independent agents striving to take their business to the next level with a professional image and the right marketing strategies. Hailing from the East Coast with 16 years marketing and business experience, she made the easy transition to San Diego living and was quickly hired as a corporate marketing director. During her marketing position in corporate, she recognized the need to bring the marketing tools and polished image of large corporations to small businesses and since January 2002, powered by passion for others’ success, Jordan & Jordan® Marketing has helped hundreds of small businesses develop and implement the right marketing strategies, achieve marketing success and grow their businesses! Shonna is also a Founding Partner of Good Ol’ Gals Business Connections (GOGs) bringing a unique concept to women’s networking when founded in 2007… no membership dues, no exclusions, no limits on number of locations you can attend and INCLUSIVITY (more then one person from each industry type can attend). Shonna became The Maestro Behind the Mega in 2012.