Add-ons and Upgrades

we are officially sold out!

Put Swag in the Bag, $100


This can be an add-on to any exhibit, sponsorship (that doesn’t already include it), partner organization, or even an attendee. The purchaser must provide 150-200 items (they do not all have to be the same item) to the event team via delivery or shipment by March 21st. Our event team will be sure that your item goes into the bag that all event participants will receive. We are asking that those items be a promotional product of your choosing (i.e. not just a brochure, business card or other flat printed piece, but rather, pens, pins, mints, mugs, sticky notes, notepads, etc. etc.)


We’ll put a sign with your logo and contact info on one of our VIP seating area tables in the VIP lounge OR you can supply a sign (8.5 x 11) if you want to get more creative. We WILL print the sign for you and place in one of our acrylic holders.  Please note, this is an ADD-ON. You must either purchase a general admission ticket or a VIP access ticket. This does NOT include VIP access, so please be sure… if you want to see your sign… that you have a ticket with VIP access.

Stall Sponsor, $25
(8 available)


This is a fun one! Your 8.5 x 11 sign will go into an acrylic holder and be placed on the back of each stall door in the ladies’ room! You can totally get creative with this! Like… “Now that I have your attention…” or “When you’re done, come visit my booth and mention you saw this sign!” It’s a great way to put a smile on someone’s face, get a little giggle and be remembered! We will print your sign for you and place it in the stall for you on the day of the event. Sign files must be provided by March 25th. If you need help creating a clever one… contact Shonna… she’s pretty dang clever.

Men’s Room Sponsor, $50
(Only 1 available)


Another fun one… but this time for our guys! This sponsor can put WHATEVER they want in the men’s room (within reason). Maybe it’s a sign with some mints saying “Helping to freshen you up provided by….” or a closed box with a sign that says, “you were brave to be here with all these women, be brave and open the box” and then in the box you have chocolates or something else fun. Or it could be a sample of your artwork with business cards on it. Totally up to you! This sponsor must bring their creation to the event by 3:30 PM for the event team to place in the men’s room.

VIP Ticket Upgrade, $30

VIP Tickets are SOLD OUT!
Please go to the tickets page to purchase a general admission ticket.