Curtains Close on 10th Annual MEGA Mixer

“OMG! This was the best MEGA yet!” one attendee was overheard saying. “I received some very qualified leads,” wrote an exhibitor. “Love the new location and new additions to the event,” said one of the MEGA partners.

Overall, there were hundreds of business professionals who participated in one way or another in the 10th Annual Business Women’s Mega Mixer. At the end of the evening, Producer Shonna Jordan reflected, “You know, everyone involved pours their heart and soul into ensuring this event lives up to its name ‘MEGA,’ and this year, as I stand here watching everyone packing up, watching the MEGA team tear down, listening to ‘my DJ’ play the final song, and seeing not just the curtains close, but be taken down and packed away… I can’t help but be in awe and humbled by the support.” She continued, “During the months leading up to this night, I pondered whether 10 years was enough. I thought to myself, ‘It’s had a great run. It’s evolved and grown. Should we just call it a day?’ But then, I watch the faces of the ladies here. The hugs. The business happening. The connections being made. The ‘reunions’. And I know, it’s not the end… yet.”

Test your MEGA knowledge from this year’s event with this fun and engaging quiz! (Even if you didn’t attend or participate this year, give it a go… it’ll be fun.)