Five Rings Financial Comes on Board as Title Sponsor

12:08 PM, Thursday, March 14th…

“We’re ‘IN’!” smiled Denise Arand, Executive Vice President for Five Rings Financial West Coast and Founder of Wine, Women and Wealth, in a voicemail to Producer, Shonna Jordan.

In a later conversation, Arand explained that yes, their company is well-known, especially in the local and regional communities, but they are excited to use this opportunity to reacquaint the event participants with the seasoned Five Rings representatives as well as introduce them to some of the newer ones.

We all have dreams. Each of us wants to reach our goals, appreciate all of life’s gifts and enjoy the journey along the way. Five Rings Financial specializes in turning aspirations into achievements offering wealth-building tools and educational programs to those who traditionally may not have had access to them. An offshoot of Five Rings is Wine, Women and Wealth. These gatherings help to educate and encourage all women to be comfortable with money, personal finance, and building wealth.

“I could not have imagined a better fit for this year’s title sponsor position at MEGA than Five Rings and Wine, Women and Wealth,” said Jordan in an interview earlier today. “It is, after all, entitled the ‘Wonder Woman’ title sponsor… and the women of Five Rings truly ARE wonder women!” Jordan continued, “I’ve known Denise and many of the representatives for years. We’ve worked together, played together and now we’re ‘event-ing’ together. I feel so blessed and excited to be able to produce this opportunity for Five Rings AND grateful that they are taking advantage of it. It’s a win-win-win… for the event, for the companies involved and for all the event participants.”

Join Shonna, Denise and hundreds of other professional women (and brave men) for an amazing evening of celebration of all women from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all histories, and all industries. The Business Women’s Mega Mixer is THE place to be on Thursday, March 28, 2019.