Love “You” and Make MEGA Part of Your “ME” Time!

MEGA Event Participants enjoying some “ME” time…
AND doing some business! Their smiles say it all…. LOVE this event!

So many of us women get wrapped up in work… spending hours and hours and hours behind the computer, making calls, keeping appointments, doing sales, keeping track of our teams, serving our clients, focusing on making money… and then being sure our families are fed, our homes are cared for and and and… whew! We all need a little “ME” time.

Not too surprisingly, we sometimes feel a little “selfish” by taking some time for self care. We feel like, “Gosh, I should be doing something productive. Making money. Cleaning up. SOMETHING!”… other than spending time on ourselves. Let me remind you of one of the important announcements a flight attendant gives before take-off… put YOUR oxygen mask on before helping others with theirs! Get it? If you can’t breathe, you’ll have no breath left to give to your business, your career, your family, your home.

So, now consider this. As a woman who may find it challenging to take that “me” time, what would you say if I told you that you can do a little business AND have some “me” time simultaneously? Picture this. A glass of wine, a little shopping, exchange of business cards, a little mingling, meeting your next big client, getting some swag, watching a “show”, finding a new resource for your business, laughing with a new friend, reconnecting with a client you haven’t seen for a while. That’s MEGA, my friend. And whether you’ve participated every year for the past 9 years or this will be your first time attending, you are going to LOVE it!

Get yourself that infusion of energy that you need. That little “shot in the arm” for your business (as our title sponsor from last year put it). Have some “me” time while marketing your business. It doesn’t get much more MEGA awesome than that.

So, really, now that you’ve checked your calendar and know you are available the afternoon/evening of March 28th, the only question is… “how will you be a part?” That’s up to you. For max exposure and connections, consider being the Wonder Woman title sponsor or a Supergirl Sponsor. For great lead generation, think about having an exhibit table. For having an amazing evening of both business and pleasure, either of those will work… or grab a VIP or general admission ticket to the hottest celebration of Women’s History Month in San Diego.

Love “You”… give yourself permission to make MEGA part of your “me” time.