Meet Your MEGA Models

As an added bonus at this year’s Mega Mixer, all event participants will have the opportunity to interact with the “Mega Models” who will be representing women throughout past decades (and even a future decade for “a look forward”). Donned in period/vintage attire and armed with fun facts, statistics and trivia, the Mega Models will engage with event attendees on the progress women made during that decade.

wm-type-logo01Our non-profit of focus this year is the Women’s Museum of California. They are graciously helping to outfit the models and provide the trivia for each decade. Their mission is “Perserving the Past. Inspiring the Future.” We are so excited to be supporting them this year!

At the event, you’ll get a stamp card that the Mega Model will stamp for you for her decade. Completed cards can be turned into The Women’s Museum of California table. Each completed card will help to support the museum with a donation from The Business Women’s Mega Mixer!

Now, without further adieu, here are your Mega Models!

MegaModel-1900s-200 Ms. 1900s
Jani Jackson 
Ms. 1920s
Karleen Harp 
MegaModel-1940s-200Ms. 1940s
Deanna Potter 
Ms. 1950s
Jan Naylor-Smith 
MegaModel-1960s-200Ms. 1960s
Patti Phillips 
MegaModel-1970s-200Ms. 1970s
Yolanda Crenshaw
MegaModel-1980s-200Ms. 1980s
Gina Morell 
MegaModel-1990s-200Ms. 1990s
Janina Goldberg 
Ms. 2036
Meeshie Nguyen 

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