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This is going to be an exciting year at MEGA!

1) Our theme is “One Woman” and yes, there will be a “fashion show” again!

2) We are again “inclusive” this year… As women in business, we believe in supporting one another in collaboration, not competition…
Although we will limit the number of exhibitors per industry, the table tops will not be category exclusive.
In the case of someone being with the EXACT same company, we’ll take the first one registered and paid.
(NOTE: If you have questions, please feel free to email us at info@businesswomensmegamixer.com)

3) We are keeping the price the same as it’s been for the past 6 years!
Still at just $250 it’s well below the average exhibit table top cost for an event of its kind!

Exhibiting at the Business Women’s Mega Mixer Events is a great way to generate leads, connect with alliances and showcase your products and services!

Your exhibit includes:

  • One covered tabletop to display products and/or services
  • Company and website listed in the program
  • Opportunity to promote your business to hundreds of local business professionals
  • Admission for two

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Tabletop exhibitor fee includes one covered table and admission for two attendees.

Exhibitors will also receive a business listing in the Business Women’s Mega Mixer program handed out to all attendees the evening of the event.

**NOTE: If your display will require additional space (e.g. clothing racks, demonstration equipment, etc.), you may need to purchase more than one exhibit space and yes, each exhibit space will come with 2 admissions. If you purchase 2 spaces, you will receive 4 admissions and so on.

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Exhibitor Agreement ****PLEASE READ and SIGN****:

By signing below and submitting payment:

1) I understand that exhibits are inclusive, and that number of exhibitors per category may be limited depending on the industry, however, if my company is EXACTLY the same company as another, my exhibit fee will be refunded in full within 5 business days of submission.

2) I understand the exhibit fee is non-refundable.

3) I also understand that The Business Women’s Mega Mixer makes no guarantee of number of attendees to event.

4) I agree to arrive during the set up time and be set up and ready to go by 5:00PM, 30 minutes prior to doors opening for the event.

5) I agree to hold harmless representatives of the Business Women’s Mega Mixer from and against, and agree to indemnify the other for any liability, loss, cost, or other damage brought about by injury of any kind suffered by any person or property as the result of any act, neglect, default, omission of the party or any of its agents, employees, or other representatives.  If either party is sued in court for damages because of the acts of the other party, the other party agrees to defend the action at its own expense. 

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